IISRP Publications

Note: There is a different pricing structure for non-IISRP members who are producers of synthetic rubber. Please contact IISRP for pricing.


IISRP has regular publications in global synthetic rubber statistics and the Synthetic Rubber Manual as well as special reports and conference proceedings...

Worldwide Rubber Statitistics

2016 Edition



  • Lists all synthetic rubber producers' websites and major products.
  • Tabulates the world's synthetic rubber plants; what they make and how much.
  • New improved graphical format

Synthetic Rubber Manual

19th Edition


The only document which lists all synthetic rubbers manufactured. A must for users of synthetic rubber! Updated information every three years.

  • More than 2000 individual polymers and elastomers listed
  • Technical and quality criteria given for each individual brand
  • 50+ separate tables classifying virtually all polymers made globally

Conference Proceedings CD

A complete, verbatim report of each conference where internationally recognized technical authorities and business executives from the world's leading corporations give their view, findings, thoughts and predictions. 

  • The business outlook from five continents
  • Papers on raw material and product situations around the world
  • Major industry figures give their view on important issues

The Story of an Industry


A general, information hard cover book covering the history of synthetic rubber, types of synthetic rubber, general processes an

  • Over 60 pages of text with both color and black/white photographs
  • The basic primer of the SR industry

Butadiene Popcorn Polymer Resource Book


Available in CD format only.

Butadiene popcorn polymer constitutes a process safety hazard in the various chemical processes where it is manufactured, transported, and used. The purpose of this manual is to provide an easily accessible summary of information regarding butadiene popcorn polymer, in order to enhance the safe handling of butadiene.


Mooney Viscosity Measurement

IA 55-minute training video kit, using ASTM D-1646 and  ISO 289 standard test methods, includes workbook, quizzes, slides of critical parts of test procedure, and video.

 It is the IISRP’s Policy that resellers of the IISRP’s publications provide, in advance, the name and company of the customer you are ordering for as there is a different pricing structure for producers of synthetic rubber who are not members of the IISRP. We will not accept your order without this information.