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Houston Headquarters Office

Juan Ramon Salinas

Managing Director, CEO

Telephone: 713-783-7514

The Managing Director is responsible for the effective operation of policies and programs approved by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee; and for advising and making recommendations to the officers and Executive Committee with respect to these activities and policies.


Roxanna Bauza-Petrovic

General Director of Programs

Telephone: 713-783-1703
The Director of Programs is responsible for the IISRP's Statistical programs including data collection, reconciliation, system design, analysis and reporting. Responsible for preparation of all statistical publications and has direct responsibility for the Statistical Committee activities and serves as principal liaison for this committee to the Managing Director. Assists the Managing Director for policy planning, development and implementation.



Executive Assistant/Event Coordinator

Telephone: 713-783-7514
The Executive Assistant/Event Coordinator is responsible for arranging meetings,database design & management, web design & content management, IISRP membership, publications publishing and sales and provides administrative support to the Managing Director.


Robin Boyd

Manager of Accounts

Telephone: 713-783-7515
The Manager of Accounts is responsible for Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Reporting, and Office Purchasing.


Europe, Mid.East & Africa Office

Mary O'Connor

Europe, Mid. East & Africa Section Secretariat

The Recording Secretary to the Europe,Middle East & Afric Section is responsible for the Board of Directors and Committees minutes, agendas and all electronic communications or correspondences.

Asia Pacific Office

Haruyoshi Ueda

Secretarial Officer - Asia Pacific Section

The Recording Secretary to the Asia Pacific Section is responsible for the Board of Directors and Standing Committees Minutes and Agendas.

Rumiko Yoshida

Executive Office Staff - Asia Pacific Section

The Secretariat to the Asia Pacific Section is responsible for helping the Recording Secretary's administration work and all the electronic communications or correspondences.

China Office

Harry Sun

China Liaison

The China Liaison is responsible for the exchange of statistical data between IISRP Headquarters and the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association (CSRIA).