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The IISRP is an international not-for-profit trade association with 50 producer and affiliated members domiciled in 23 countries. The producers represent more than 90% of the global synthetic rubber capacity. Incorporated in 1960 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Institute also supports offices in Milan and Tokyo.

In order to be a producer member of the IISRP your company must manufacture a synthetic rubber polymer that is within the product scope of the Institute.

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The Institute is organized into three geographic sections; the Far East Section; the European Section; and the Americas Section. Click here to view the IISRP Member Companies.

The IISRP conducts scientific research on the health effects of workers in our industry on behalf of the membership.  Most of this is conducted at educational institutions and managed by specific scientific committees composed of the IISRP members. The IISRP is a 501(C) 3 organization and as a matter of policy, we pay a maximum overhead rate of 25% with academia on all scientific research.  Our past research partners, dating back to the 1980’s, include the University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Oklahoma and University of Pittsburg.


Mission Statement

To further the long term growth of the Synthetic Rubber Industry worldwide to the benefit of producers, customers, and ultimate users.

Our Purpose

The purposes of the Institute are to actively promote and further the interests of manufacturers of synthetic rubber polymers and the interests of the public in manufacturing, engineering, safety, environmental control, transportation, international trade, and other matters of concern to the synthetic rubber industry, and to this end, among other things:

1. To promote the synthetic rubber industry and its benefits to society – stressing its history of innovation, technology improvement and its contributions to an improved quality of life;

2. To promote research, development, scholarship and other scientific studies in fields related to synthetic rubber;

3. To provide a forum for information exchange relating to technology and industry innovation among members;

4. To take a proactive position with governmental departments and agencies regarding matters affecting the industry including environmental health, safety and other timely issues;

5. To promote and encourage the development of international trade in synthetic rubber polymers;

6. To gather, receive, prepare, and disseminate information and statistics concerning the synthetic rubber industry;

7. To promote the characterization and nomenclature of general purpose synthetic rubber polymers;

8. To do all that is reasonably necessary, proper or advisable, and in conformity with all applicable laws, for the attainment of the above purposes or for the furtherance of any or all of them.