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Since 1971 the  IISRP has confered  two prestigous awards a year; the General Award and the Technical Award.

The selection process remains the same as it was in 1971. Any director may nominate a candidate for the General Award, the Institute’s highest honor,  if the candidate has contributed substantially to the synthetic rubber industry.

Candidates for the Technical Award, who must have made substantial scientific contributions to our industry, are nominated by our Technical/Operating Committee.

The Executive Committee then selects the award winners from those nominated.  However, if it chooses, the committee may select only one winner or none at all.

The Award is then presented at the Annual General Meeting(AGM) Award Ceremony.

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President International

The President International presides over the Executive Committee meeting, the Annual Members meeting, and the Board of Directors meeting during the Annual General Meeting.

His first act is to provide an overview of the next AGM. During his one-year term, which runs from AGM to AGM, he or she will be consulted to assist the Houston Staff in the planning or the providing of services for the upcoming AGM.

As his last official act, the International President delivers a farewell speech at the close of the AGM. This provides an opportunity for him or her to share his or her vision of the Institute with delegates. Upon election of the next International President, the current one becomes Past International President and, as such, will continue to serve on the Executive Committee for one more year.